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Pam McKissick and Cheryl Gregory have been writing partners for 28 years, first as writer/producers in L.A., then published novelists in lesbian mystery and romance and now in non-fiction with this timely and relevant book on women's equality--how we women have allowed ourselves to become secondary when it comes to equality, money, power and even our own sexual satisfaction, and how we can "Grab it Back!"

After Decades In Business

"We've worked with some very smart and talented men. We've also put up with male co-workers and bosses who sexually harassed, physically attacked or verbally denigrated us during the decades when HR stood for nothing more than human resilience. Our experiences crystalized for us how society mobilizes money, power and sex to keep women unequal and on a short leash. This book is about how we can all break free."

From Grab It Back!

"Inequality is the energetic imbalance between male and female. Uncontrolled male energy without an equal and balancing female energy will destroy our world. Only women can change this dynamic. Most men have no desire to correct the imbalance because it's working for them."

From Grab it Back!

"The toughest place for women to plant the flag of equality is in our own home, starting with the way we raise our children, interact with our mate, talk about ourselves in the mirror, or allow friends, family and institutions to blame or shame us. After decades of putting ourselves in second place at home and work, we often find "being secondary" has become a habit that's hard to break, because so many people expect it of us."


I paint the white horses in honor of the Lipizzaners who served, and the soldiers who saved them

At the end of WW II American soldiers captured a German man carrying a briefcase filled with nothing but pictures of beautiful white horses. Hitler had stock piled these horses behind enemy lines to breed a new kind of horse that was to be an equine master race--a military machine. But the Russian army needed food and the horses were in danger of being slaughtered. (The Nazis used about 2.7 million horses during World War II and roughly 1.8 million of the horses were killed or wounded.) 

American Colonel Hank Reed with General George Patton's blessing made the decision to save these phenomenal equine athletes; however, secretly moving hundreds of snow white horses, that practically glowed in the dark, across enemy lines for endless weeks endangered everyone. Nonetheless, they persisted. And at the end of the war, these tired but talented Lipizzaners performed dramatic airs above the ground demonstrating classical dressage at Madison Square Garden for 20,000 guests and Mrs. Patton in honor of her husband who gave the command to save the  horses. 

(Read The Perfect Horse by Elizabeth Lett.)

The paintings

When I look into the eyes of a Lipizzaner, I see centuries of grace under pressure. They've experienced war first hand, along with the cruelty and the kindness of men. They have more than intellect; they have a knowing. Their kind eye and regal arch of the neck bespeak eons of good breeding. In the best training facilities, a rider is permanently matched to his or her Lipizzaner horse and the two become one, teaching one another.  

The Stallions & Mares

The stallions have the physical strength to leap into the air and perform dazzling feats. They are in complete harmony alongside one another, too intelligent to do anything but focus on their work.

The mares are the wise and patient makers of these brilliant young horses who all begin life brown or dark in color and only later turn white. If a dark horse fails to turn white, the horse is kept at the farm as a good omen; and in fact, most farms want to have one in the herd at all times. Luck is luck.

Purchasing A Giclee Image

What Is A Giclee?

A Giclee by definition is a technology for fine art reproduction of an original painting using a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies. The print produced from this process is called a Giclee. The material on which the Giclee is printed can vary from very high quality paper to canvas. We select the material that brings out the best in the painting. Sixty-five percent of galleries now sell Giclees.

Every Horse Has A Story

The story may be real or may be a fantasy in the artist's mind when she painted the image. 

A Horse In The Office Or In The House

Horses inspire us. They don't call it horsepower for nothing. We say someone is healthy as a horse. Or they're a workhorse. Or simply sum up their stamina and power with they're "a real horse." Horse images at home and in the office empower people.

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Ingenue is the warmblood I always wanted. Strikingly beautiful in the sunlight picking up an array of colors on her sleek body. She's not too large,  gentle and thoughtful and will listen to her rider. She's the perfect lady for the perfect lady. 14" X 18" Archival Canvas Giclee of the original acrylic and charcoal. 


Inspired by Tosca Suto Photography, Majick is a splashy, forward Lipizanner mare who doesn't need to be asked twice to move out. In fact, you'd better be sure you've found your seat, because she's going to "show them in the show ring" and she expects you to keep up! 

12" X 16" Archival Canvas Giclee of the original acrylic and charcoal.

Boss Mare

People may dispute her breeding or where she came from, but no one questions that she's in charge. Older, wiser, battle scarred, Boss Mare is savvy and kind, and aware of everything that goes on around her. And if you're a young stud creating havoc in her herd, or messing with her mares and foals, this old lady may kick your butt. 14" X 18" Archival Canvas Giclee of the original acrylic and charcoal. 

She Leads Series: Passion

A tribute to the "mares who marched" into the inner cities. 24"X30" Archival Canvas Giclee depicts a brave young mare running through the city demanding justice. A Limited Edition Archival Giclee reproduction of the original acrylic and charcoal artwork.


Occasionally, I see a horse that is so elegant and composed that she doesn't even appear to be a horse, but perhaps a being from a higher realm. This elegant and shy young mare is my impression of the circa 1815 painting by Gericault. If there's a more evolved planet covered in green grass, clear streams and thousands of beautiful horses, I would expect to see her there.

20" X 24" Archival Canvas Giclee of the original acrylic. 

She Leads Series: Protest

A tribute to the "mares who marched" in the 2017 Women's March. 24"X30" Archival Canvas Giclee depicts a determined young mare leading a throng of protestors. A Limited Edition Archival Giclee reproduction of the original acrylic and charcoal artwork. 


Intel is one of the smartest and most elegant Lipizzaners I've painted. So calm and knowing, he's alert as you can see from his ears, but never startled, curious but not wary, trusting in himself as much as his owner.

Intel was inspired by the phenomenal photography of John Borys, lead photographer at Tempel Farms, the legendary home of the Tempel Lipizzaner stallions and mares.

12” X 16” Archival Giclee Reproduction of the original acryllic and charcoal artwork. 


Power epitomizes his name. He's the embodiment of athleticism, grace, and horse power.  He's the horse whose name you know when you buy tickets for the show. The stallion who can hurl his body into the air, performing impossible airs above ground, taking dressage to new heights. He's the horse most could never own, or perhaps could own but never ride, for it takes a master to work with Power.

Power was inspired by the "stunning" photography of Stunning Steeds


Karizma is gorgeous and she knows it. She's all confidence and speed and slides in to give you a kiss to make up for anything that might have annoyed you. It's completely impossible to get mad at this melodramatic, young Lipizzaner because she more than makes up for any transgression with her kind heart and those velvety eyes. She's the horse in the pasture that guests admire and exclaim, "Who's that?" And the owner proudly replies, "That's Karizma!"

Amazing Grace


We think we save horses but in fact they save us.



The Boss Mare Is An Older, Wiser Female Horse Who Has The Most Common Sense.


She Keeps Order, Lowering Her Head And Pinning Her Ears, Driving Troublemakers Out Of The Herd


Boss Mares Art Celebrates The Bond Between Women And Horses...


What We Stand For


"When someone 'gives' you a right you should have by birth, the very act of 'giving' re-enforces that you're not equal and are now, perhaps, even beholden. Equality is innate and we take it, own it, and live it. No one 'gives' it to us, because inevitably the giver wants to take it back."

Excerpts from 

“Grab It Back!" 

(Equality, Money, Power & Sex)


"Women consoled one another in those days with, "Oh, just ignore him," and I did. Ignoring is the same as accepting and it chips away at our self esteem, which then turns into identity loss---forgetting who we are and what we stand for."


Horses are a mirror into our soul. The horse will be as difficult as we are, or as kind as we are, or as angry as we are. We hug her neck to ground us when nothing else can. The horse teaches us about ourselves. We teach the horse nothing she doesn't already know, for she is wisdom on hooves.

Who We Are

We're two women of a certain age who love our country, its women and its horses; and too often don't like the way any of the three are being treated: our country defiled, women marginalized and horses slaughtered. Through our equine art, feminist books and our Boss Mare's blog, we celebrate women and protest injustice.

What We Do

We live on a ranch with a herd of horses who occasionally end up on canvas, making their contribution to feminist art. We're also published writers, first in L.A. developing and writing screenplays and later as authors of women's mysteries and romances. So while we've spent decades in the corporate world, we're now committed full time to creating art and literature...a bold announcement but if not now, when?

Catch our blog Mondays & Thursdays. We talk about what horse women talk about...politics, people, animals and life in general, and whether we should get another horse...

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